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Above Ground Pools

Pool Installation

Regardless of whether you choose to install your new pool yourself or hire a professional installer, it is very important to follow the instructions provided by the pool manufacture. Deviation from the manufacturers instructions may void the pool's warranty. The steps below outline the basic installation steps for an above ground pool:

  1. Plan your installation before you begin
    Make sure your installation meets all municipal regulations and local codes related to above ground pool installations. Be sure to check the local laws regarding construction and electrical installations, and make sure your pool is installed to conform to all security regulations related to pool fencing and covers.
  2. Check for necessary parts
    Make sure you have all of the necessary parts and equipment to assemble and install your pool. Check the manufacturers' parts list against the parts received. If you find irregularities such as missing or defective parts, see your pool dealer for replacement parts.
  3. Remove Sod
    You must remove all sod from your pool site to prevent grass from rotting and emitting odors around your pool. Choose the best firm ground for your pool.
  4. Level the Ground
    It is very important that the ground surface is firm and solid. The pool area must be free of rocks, roots, or other sharp edged objects. Avoid installing your pool on surfaces that have been treated with oil weed-killer or chemical products which may affect the vinyl liner among other things.

    The entire pool surface must be completely leveled when preparing your site. DO NOT FILL LOWER GROUND AREA. Remove all high spots and level to the lowest point. Do not add any soil to the site. Added soil will not provide the strength required to support the weight of the pool. Even if your yard looks level, chances are it is not as almost every yard requires leveling prior to pool installation.

  5. Assemble your Pool
    Once the ground is level, follow the installation instructions provided by the pool manufacture.
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